About 50s until the JETSON power up without any UART logs

frist start, after the POWER_EN on,about 50s until the JETSON power up without any UART logs.

the schematic of power just follow the design of P3768_A04.

the eeprom on the carried board without any information, is that the reason?

Have you tried to flash the module…? Uart log shall print even in flash period.

the module have been reflashed and the module start normally,the UART log also print well just need 50s after power-on without any information

So is there any problem ?

power up need 50s then the UART log print in our design,why take such long time to start?

But the other demo carried board can start immediately,only take 4~5s

please refer to the design guide document.

we just follow the design guide,the hardwave design as the same as the guide that we have been checked, so we cannot find the problem.

we want to know what would be check after the module power-up and before the UART logs print,

Please probe and check the power on sequence as listed in Design Guide, and also follow the checklist sheet (attached in the Design Guide) to check your custom design one by one. There should be some difference between your design and reference, otherwise there should be no such issue. In addition, you should pay more attention to the interfaces shared between module and carrier to make sure they are not power supplied before module power on.

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