About Lidar Connection

I want to connect Velodyne VLP16, but I do not know the port to connect. Also, please tell me how to check the point cloud data when you can connect.

Dear s18,

Could you please refer to DriveWorks lidar sample and doc on your hostPC for your topic?



I guess I have similar issues and I think the above html file does not contain the information of how to set up the ip and port for VELO lidar. I try to edit from network connection but seems there isn’t anything available. Could you elaborate on this topic?


Dear J5207,

Did you check “Lidar Accumulator Sample” in DriveWorks doc?
The sample describes how to set the rider.

Yes, I did. The docs simply told us how to throw the parameter into the exe. I might not illustrate my question clearly. After running the exe with

./sample_lidar_accumulator --port=2368 --ip= --device=VELO_VLP32C --scan-frequency=10

There go with error:

[04-10-2019 16:44:13] Driveworks exception thrown: DW_SAL_CANNOT_INITIALIZE: LidarSocket::checkDeviceData, is not connected

In AGX, I cannot ping this ip address and cannot open the web server either. I used a laptop to double check the velodyne configuration and I’m pretty sure the sensor ip and host port goes with default. I’m wondering am I miss something to set up the network?

Also, In Velodyne config, I set the host ip as, according to the info inside of /etc/systemd/network/eth0. But still not working

Problem solved. Never mind. Thanks