How to connect Velodyne lidar with drivepx2

Hello, Nvidia’s experts.

I tried to run the sample_lidar_replay with Velodyne 32E lidar in real time.

I connected the power on lidar and connected lidar to blue ethernet cable of drivepx2.
And, I entered this.

$ ./sample_lidar_replay --device=VELO_HDL32E

Then, the following log was output.


How can I verify each parameters?
I don’t know whether the connection is right or not.

Hello groot,

Velodyne Lidar will be supported from next DriveWorks version. Thanks.

Thanks for your answer

But, I read the Driveworks SDK Release Note(0.2.1).

On the Note, Veloyne(HDL32E) was supported.

Is it just hardware connection?

And, in next DriveWorks version, Could you tell me what the next version of DriveWorks will support?

Hello groot,

Oh sorry, yes we support Veloyne(HDL32E) on DriveWorks 0.2.1.
I think you missed --port=[lidar port] in the command line.
Could you please see “/usr/local/driveworks-0.2.1/doc/nvdwx_html/dwx_lidar_replay_sample.html”? Thanks.

I had read the document and tried to enter several ports.
But, It didn’t work.

So I want to know if the lider is well connected.

Is there a way to check connect of the lidar device?

Hello groot,

Yes, I would expect that… as if you look into the code it needs that

if (strcmp(arguments.get(“ip”).c_str(), “”) != 0) {
if (strcmp(arguments.get(“port”).c_str(), “”) != 0) {

            if (strcmp(arguments.get("device").c_str(), "") != 0) {
                if (strcmp(arguments.get("scan-frequency").c_str(), "") != 0) {
                    protocolString  = "lidar.socket";
                    parameterString = "ip=" + arguments.get("ip");
                    parameterString += ",port=" + arguments.get("port");
                    parameterString += ",device=" + arguments.get("device");
                    parameterString += ",scan-frequency=" + arguments.get("scan-frequency");
                    gRecordedLidar  = false;
                    validParameters = true;

Default argument of scan-frequency if nothing is provided is “” and if scan-frequency is “” you don’t get to build the parameterString to initialize the sensor. Thanks.