connecting velodyne VLP 16 to drive PX2

We got the following error when we tried to connect our velodyne VLP 16 sensor with drive px2

/usr/local/driveworks-0.3/bin$ ./sample_lidar_replay --ip= --port=8308 --device=VELO_VLP16 --scan-frequency=10
Program Arguments:

Initialize DriveWorks SDK v0.3.400
Release build with GNU 4.8.4 from v0.3.0-rc8-0-g3eeebea
SDK: Resources mounted from /usr/local/driveworks-0.3/data/resources
SDK: Default GPU Device set to device number 0
SensorFactory::createSensor() -> lidar.socket, ip=,port=8308,device=VELO_VLP16,scan-frequency=10
LidarSocket: no response from Lidar after 500ms
Driveworks exception thrown: DW_SAL_CANNOT_INITIALIZE: LidarSocket: not connected
Cannot connect to Lidar.
Driveworks SDK released


Hello karthikk,

Could you please check “To determine the IP address for a Velodyne LIDAR” page in DriveWorks_DevGuide_030.pdf? Thanks.

We are having a similar issue with connecting our velodyne VLP16 sensor to the drive px2.

@Karthikk, @SteveNV, please was this issue fixed? If so how did you fix it?