About TX2 devkit leds

If a device is powered, indicating cr5 (red) and cr6(red) off but cr1 (green) and cr2 (green)on, is it all good?

Or I would suspect something wrong?

Hi mopplayer5,

You could refer to the following table from Jetson TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification for LED of TX2 devkit.

If you want to check current detailed state of the board, please help to capture the serial console log.
Serial Console - NVIDIA Jetson TX2

Hi KevinFFF,

I have flashed a new R32.7.3 driver and system.
But the symptoms were the same, CR5 was always off.
CR6 was on when pressing POWER BTN, then vanished after a while.

All systems seem OK, does that have any problems?
The attached file is dmesg.
tx2_dmesg (63.1 KB)

I don’t see any significant error from dmesg.

Could you help to provide the result of running the following command in your device?

$ sudo i2cdump -y 0 0x56

and Do you see any model number printed on your carrier board?


Model number: Jetson TX2 670-82771-0000-000
The camera side tag: 945-82771-0006-000 L
The SATA side tag: 699-82597-0000-501 B

command result:
dump (1.2 KB)

Hi, CR5 is for VDD_MOD 19V, CR6 is for PCIe 12V. Since system can boot up normally, the LED looks like have some problem. You can get the LED location and check its design based on carrier schematic (P2597) in design files package. Or you can run RMA for the board.

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