Jetson TX2 LED CR2 is off

Hello, there was a problem when my Jatson was restarting the monitor was not turned on when I realized that one of the LEDs on the boards was off; in this case, the CR2 LED, the power LED. I will describe how jetson behaves. The CR 5 and CR6 LEDs are red and the SOC LED is green, but the CR2 LED is off. I would like as much help as possible and tips to know what’s going on with my jetson.

The carrier board specification is here (you probably have to log in and then go to the link a second time since redirect does not work):

The description is this:

Indicates when the carrier board is powered on (VDD_1V8 & VDD_3V3_SYS rails are valid).

So you’ve lost the 1.8V and 3.3V rails, but have the rest of the power working. If the unit was functioning prior to this, then I’d say it is likely hardware failure (very likely since you know main power is connected).

If you’ve just flashed or changed software, then it might be something such as a device tree issue (not likely).

Someone else may be able to offer further debug information, but if you want to RMA the information is here:

thanks linuxdev,

I measured the voltage coming out of the gpio and the two 3.3v pins the two 5v are operating, however as you said the 1.8V and 3.3V rails should not be working because it does not feed the mause and the keyboard nor the output HDMI.

Is hardware repair only possible with rma or can technicians solve the problem? since it is a very complex board.

The only official method I know of is RMA, but the RMA people may know of other possibilities, e.g., I have no idea if you can perhaps RMA just the carrier board (which might work out if you happen to have a second carrier board to transfer the module to). You will have to ask the people doing the actual RMA process.

Note that if you do have a second kit, and can at least temporarily mount the module to that kit, then you could clone the content prior to putting it back on the original kit.

Would anyone else be able to comment on alternatives?