Access CAN6 on Tegra A


is it possible to configure PX2 to receive CAN6 msgs on Tegra A and not Tegra B?
In documentation it says that it is possible to reconfigure it.



I will be working on this same task next week. Here is what I plan on doing.

  • Write a program on Tegra B that will publish the CAN data to an IP socket.
  • Write a program on Tegra A that will subscribe to said socket and publish that information to the local system(tegra a).

I could be incorrect in my next statement.

  • I believe the CAN transceiver for CAN6 is physically connected to Tegra B. If this connection is in the physical layer reconfiguration could be impossible.

Please let me know if you figure anything out!


Dear Anja,

Currently it is not possible because of below.

can-1 -> channel A on Aurix
can-2 -> channel B on Aurix
can-3 -> channel C on Aurix
can-4 -> channel D on Aurix
can-5 -> can0 on Tegra A
can-6 -> can1 on Tegra B

If need to access Tegra A via can6, the board should be needed HW rework.