How can I receive messages from can1-4 by aurix can?

1.Several days ago,I had a question about how to receive messages from can1-4 by aurix can.The link is

2.I got a response,it just showed me a doucument /usr/local/driveworks-.6/doc/nvdwx_html/dwx_canbus_logger_sample.html.I have read it for several times,but i can’t get the way to solve my problem.
3.Any other advices can i get to solve this problem?


In order to send CAN messages from Aurix to Tegra, Aurix CAN should be handled.
So please refer to the EasyCAN user guide provided as part of PDK documentation to set up Aurix to filter and pass a selected subset of CAN messages.
EB guidance doc is in /drive-t186ref-foundation/utils/scripts/ on hostPC.