Aurix and sending from tegra


Is there any way how to configure aurix so we can send can message with specific ID from tegra to can A? We need to send specific ID, but this ID is not allowed. Even when I try it from aurix, it reports:

Error: invalid combination of can node and id.
Allowed combinations are:
Pdu: Dpx_Aurix_Tx_ChnA_80T   node: a id: 0x00000050
Pdu: Dpx_TegraA_Tx_ChnA_112T node: a id: 0x00000070
Pdu: Dpx_TegraB_Tx_ChnA_144T node: a id: 0x00000090
Pdu: Dpx_Aurix_Tx_ChnB_81T   node: b id: 0x00000051
Pdu: Dpx_TegraA_Tx_ChnB_113T node: b id: 0x00000071
Pdu: Dpx_TegraB_Tx_ChnB_145T node: b id: 0x00000091
Pdu: Dpx_Aurix_Tx_ChnC_82T   node: c id: 0x00000052
Pdu: Dpx_TegraA_Tx_ChnC_114T node: c id: 0x00000072
Pdu: Dpx_TegraB_Tx_ChnC_146T node: c id: 0x00000092
Pdu: Dpx_Aurix_Tx_ChnD_83T   node: d id: 0x00000053
Pdu: Dpx_TegraA_Tx_ChnD_115T node: d id: 0x00000073
Pdu: Dpx_TegraB_Tx_ChnD_147T node: d id: 0x00000093
Pdu: Dpx_Aurix_Tx_ChnE_84T   node: e id: 0x00000054
Pdu: Dpx_TegraA_Tx_ChnE_116T node: e id: 0x00000074
Pdu: Dpx_TegraB_Tx_ChnE_148T node: e id: 0x00000094
Pdu: Dpx_Aurix_Tx_ChnF_85T   node: f id: 0x00000055
Pdu: Dpx_TegraA_Tx_ChnF_117T node: f id: 0x00000075
Pdu: Dpx_TegraB_Tx_ChnF_149T node: f id: 0x00000095
Error: Invalid argument
Invalid Command

Thank you!

Dear tomas.cernik,

Could you refer to “5.1.4. Sending CAN Messages from the TEGRA™ (Tegra to CAN-Bus)” in EB-DrivePX_Software_User_Guide_DPX2_P2379.pdf for your topic? Thanks.

I went through the manual, but it did not help.

I would like to be able to send can message through Driveworks interface. Currently I am able to send only can messages mentioned above.

How can I extend this filter on Aurix?

Thank you very much for help!

Dear tomas.cernik,

Regarding “How can I extend this filter on Aurix?”, maybe you should discuss this with the EB team.
I will send EB contact point via PM, please check it. Thanks.

I sent message to that address, but it was returned with error “User unknown”.

Can you check the contact?