About sample code for CAN routing between AURIX and Tegra

I am using Easy CAN.
I used the sample code “aurix_tegra_can_send_receive.py”. And CAN communication between AURIX and Tegra was done.

However, the sample code “aurix_tegra_can.c” can not communicate with CAN.
“aurix_tegra.c” is different from the configuration shown in “5.5.3. Data protocol of Easy CAN Frames” in EB - DrivePX_Software_User_Guide_DPX2.pdf.

Please provide a communicable C sample code.

Best regards

Hi shin.kishida.hf,

This issue is relevant to EB, and need to contact EB team directly to get any source code.
Have you managed to get the support from them?
Is this still an issue now?


Hi kayccc.

I did not access EB, I corrected aurix_tegra_can.c by myself.
This allows Tegara to receive CAN frames via AURIX.
However, Tegra can not send a CAN frame via AURIX.
This is not a problem as I do not need to send a CAN frame.

However, another problem has occurred.

Note on the EB - DrivePX_Software_User_Guide_DPX2.pdf (Page 162) has the following description, but missing of the CAN frame will occur. I will attach logs and test environment. please confirm.

Why does CAN frame missing occur?
Please tell me the performance of Easy can again.

Best regards

log_10ms_py.txt (6.87 MB)
Logging_T040_10ms_py_sc.zip (682 KB)

Test environment.xlsx (15.2 KB)

Note: I am changing the printf of the following code. Moreover, transmission is stopped.
Aurix_tegra_can_send_receive.py → aurix_tegra_can_receive_2.py

Note 2: I compressed Logging_T 040 _ 10 ms_py_sc with zip and attached it.
Note 3: This is the DPX2 environment I used in the above test.
・DriveInstall b Linux SDK

Hi kayccc.

I confirmed the following.
However, the CAN frame was lost.
· Send CAN frame at 10 ms intervals only to AURIX CAN ch 3
· To minimize the influence of print function, display it only when an error occurs
(I will attach a log. : log_error_view_only_ch3.txt)
(If there are differences more than 2 in the preceding and succeeding data, an error will be displayed.)

In my survey, Tegra is decoding the received Ether packet correctly.
I think that AURIX is not correctly sending Ether packets or it is not receiving CAN.

Why does CAN frame missing occur?
Please tell me the performance of Easy can again.

Also, the AURIX canrxlog is not output.
As soon as the command is accepted, it becomes shell> and the received frame can not be seen.
I will attach a log. Please tell me the reason.
The version of AURIX is Aurix-2.02.04.
Is it necessary to upgrade the firmware?

Best regards
log_error_view_only_ch3.txt (420 Bytes)
canrxlog_error.txt (192 Bytes)