Unable to receive EasyCAN


I am trying to communication with my DRIVE AGX Xavier using EasyCAN.(DRIVE Software 8.0)
The transmission from DRIVE AGX will succeed with the following command, but the reception will not be successful.

./sample_canbus_logger --driver=can.aurix --params=ip=,bus=a --send_i_understand_implications=100

I tried “aurix_tegra_a_can_send_receive.py”, written in the AURIX Software User Guide, but the result was the same.

I would be grateful if you could help me.Thanks.

Best regards

Dear Yuya_Iwase,

Could you let me know if you did run “aurix_configure_easy_can.py” python script?

And please let me know your test steps in detail. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

Could you let me know if you did run “aurix_configure_easy_can.py” python script?
Yes, I ran it before “aurix_tegra_a_can_send_receive.py”.

The following is the procedure that I performed the test.

  1. Using"Vector VN1630A", connect the DRIVE Xavier's CAN harness to the PC.
  2. Turn on the DRIVE Xavier. Then, the PC starts receiving CAN ID 0x113 and 0x110.
  3. Run "sample_canbus_logger" with DRIVE Xavier. Then, the PC starts receiving CAN ID 0x6FF.
  4. Transmit data(e.g. ID=0x001, cycle=100 msec, data = [00 00]) from the PC to the same CAN channnel as ID 0x6FF was received. However, data sent from the PC is not displayed in "sample_canbus_logger".
  5. Exit "sample_canbus_logger" and execute "aurix_tegra_a_send_receive.py". The PC will receive ID 0x4A4 and 0x14A4, but the data sent from the PC will not be displayed in "aurix_tegra_a_send_receive.py".
  6. After executing "aurix_configure_easy_can.py", execute "aurix_tegra_a_send_receive.py" again, but the result is same.

Best regards

Hi Yuya_Iwase,

Would you please help to confirm if this still an issue on your project or you have clarified the cause and resolved the problem?


Hi kayccc,

I’m still in trouble with this problem and looking for a solution.


Dear Yuya_Iwase,

The Tegra CAN port has nothing to do with EasyCAN; EasyCAN is a mapping of CAN over Ethernet between Aurix and Tegra; TegraCAN is direct use of CAN ports on Tegra using SocketCAN as the stack. There is also no concept of TegraCAN port (since there’s no IP stack).

If you wants to test TegraCAN you can just connect a CAN adaptor (e.g., PeakCAN) from a host to the correct CAN harness port to directly receive CAN packets at the Tegras.