EasyCan Usage on Drive Software 10.0

We would like to read can data from aurix can ports. We connected our sensor to port A with given port configuration as with 120 ohm connected stated in Mechanical Installation Guide. We give the right dbc file. here is the command we run :

./sample_canbus_interpreter --driver=can.aurix --params=ip=,bus=a --dbc=<path_to_file>

By the way we can read canbus from can0 and can1 on tegras without problems

We read the drive softwar documentation and done everything as stated but we could not read. In addition to these We are unable to find the “aurix_configure_easy_can.py” or any other easycan related files in the AGX Pegaus. We searched all the “easycan” related files in both tegra A and tegra B and there was nothing on the target platform which is AGX Pegasus Driveworks 10.0.

We don’t have drive software 10.0 installed on our host PC. Can you help us to get the required documents and files so that we can configure aurix.can to read the can messages over MCU.

Thank you.

Hi otemiz1,

please share some configuration information:
what messages do you expect to receive?
what PDK version are you using? or are you using Drive Software SDK 10.0?

can you point me to where in the documentation you referring for the need of aurix_configure_easy_can.py?

also, why are you using “–params=ip=” parameter and not “–params=ip=”?

I just tried to send 0x123 [8] 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 messages from host->CAN_1_2 and I can received them on Xavier A with below command.

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:/usr/local/driveworks/bin$ ./sample_canbus_logger --driver=can.aurix --params=ip=,bus=a,config-file=…/data/samples/sensors/can/EasyCanConfigFile.conf

You can have a try. Thanks!


Thank you both for your support,


  1. I am expecting to read CAN messages from the Can1 at the harness.
  2. I am using Drive Software SDK 10.0.
  3. I gave the “aurix_configure_easy_can.py” file as an example of our inability to find any EasyCan related file. When we search the Xavier A and Xavier B for “easycan” there are no files at all. Including the “EasyCanConfigFile.conf”.
    But still reference to python file is as follows: DRIVE_SW_10.0_References/DRIVE_Software/index.html#page/DRIVE_OS_Linux_SDK_Development_Guide/MCU%20Setup%20and%20Configuration/mcu_easy_can.html
  4. While writing the question I misspelled the IP. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I used the “–params=ip=”.


Because there are no “EasyCanConfigFile.conf” file in the system I am unable to do this. Can you send me the all EasyCan related files in private?

Thank you

You can get the file (at below path) on your Xavier A. Thanks!


Thank you for your support,

Now I am able to listen the can data over can.aurix from Tegra A. However, I cannot get any data with the similar command I used in Tegra B.

I am using:

./sample_canbus_logger --driver=can.aurix --params=ip=,bus=a,config-file=can/EasyCanConfigFile.conf

hi otemiz1,
did you mean you are using the following command?
./sample_canbus_logger --driver=can.aurix --params=ip=,bus=a,config-file=…/data/samples/sensors/can/EasyCanConfigFile.conf

Hi shayNV and VickNV,

@shayNV Because was running the command in Xavier B location for configuration file was different.

Apparently, reason for not being able to read CAN massages with Aurix at Xavier B was the configuration at EasyCanConfigFile.conf. WHen modified the message ID’s according to my reading I started to get correct readings.

I thank you both for your assistance.