AGX display abnormally

jetson module: AGX
JetPack version:4.5.1
Board: custom board

During system boot,the monitor turns black for a while, after it is displayed again, the resolution of the monitor is not normal.

dmesg.log (99.0 KB)

@yalisun would it be possible to share the kernel dtb for further checks?

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Lots of i2c errors. Is your monitor truly HDMI, is the DDC wire connected, and is the i2c controller talking to the DDC wire set up correctly (this is part of the question which @mike_nv asks, that of what the device tree is…I couldn’t say if the device tree is correct or not, but if it isn’t, then the i2c query on the DDC wire…the EDID data…would fail).

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There is something wrong with the custom board,a resistance caused the problem.
Now the display is normal. Thanks!