AGX Orin 32GB + AGX 201 flashing for jetpack 5.1.0


I have the hardware as AGX Orin 32GB on AGX 201 carrier board. I want to flash jetpack 5.1.0 on this. I am trying to use SDK manager for the flash, it auto detects the hardware as AGX 32GB module, but in the flashing steps as shown in the attached pic, the steps explained especially for force recovery is different in the hardware from what it says. In AGX 201, force recovery as per the documentation is pressing S3 button rather than middle (FC) or left(Power) as in devkit. Has anyone tried flashing with SDK manager for AGX Orin + AGX 201. Please let me know what is the correct way to flash this combination.



Please use the BSP provided by the vendor for flashing devices with custom carrier boards.
SDK Manager is only meant to be used with DevKits from NVIDIA.

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