Agx xavier at jetpack5.0.2 can't use USB tethering

The product based on agx xavier + jetpack 5.0.2, can’t use USB tethering.
the host machine can’t discovery device usb info :“0955:0720 NVIDIA Corp.” by the cmd of lsusb.
at the same time, host and device can’t get their own dhcp ip as;

I have checked some cases:
1、agx devkit + jp5.0.2, the result of lsusb and ifconfig is ok;
2、The device service of “/opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode/nv-l4t-usb-device-mode.service” is
enabled and active;
3、check this topic, the driver code of cdc_ether.c and rndis_host.c already have the patch code.
Can’t use USB tethering - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson TX2 - NVIDIA Developer Forums

the atteched file are uart log of product b400 and devkit .
uart_agx_b400.log (72.2 KB)
uart_agx_devkit.log (74.5 KB)

This is one important issue, please give some advice about it.

Are you talking about issue happened to your custom carrier board?

yes ,This is one issue about our custom carrier board.
The issue happen when host and agx device connect by usb cable.

Did you configure the usb configuration in device tree for your custom board?

or you don’t know what I am asking for?

The agx product want to update jetpack 5.0.2 which already is developed in jetpack 4.6;
and I encounter this issue.

I have some attempts below:
1、I pick up two patchs which come from the source branch jetpack 4.6; The patch about typec mode switch may be relevant;
2、I check the dtb files of tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi, but there is some differences from jp4.6 which I can’t recognize the correct value;
3、I check nvidia doc, such as r35.1 “required-device-tree-changes”, but cann’t find effective info.
agx_jp4.6_typec_switch.patch (6.7 KB)
agx_jp4.6_typec_switch2.patch (3.9 KB)
tegra194-fixed-regulator-p2822-1000.dtsi (4.5 KB)
tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi (10.3 KB)

can you show the other dtb file ?
or you can help to check the atteched files.
thanks in advance.


Actually how the device tree gets written is being changed as kernel version changed a lot.

Please read the document and modify the device tree. You cannot pick up jp4 DT to jp5.

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