AGX Xavier Module does not boot and cannot be flashed

Dear Nvidia Team

We have a system with a custom board and a Xavier AGX, which does not boot anymore and cannot be flashed: Here the log files from booting and flashing:
log.txt (2.8 KB)
log_flash.txt (4.7 KB)

Any idea what could be the issue?
Thank you.

Kind regards

Hi sevm89,

You have been here for long time. Please learn to provide necessary info and test first.

  1. Is this module fused?

  2. If you put the module back to devkit, then will it be able to get flashed?

Hi WanyeWWW

Before disassembling the whole device and test it with a DevKit, we wanted to check if you can already analyze something with the provided logs.

  1. the module has not been fused
  2. also on the devkit, the module cannot be flashed


Any update on the issue?

sorry, could you also share the uart log in flash when this board is on devkit?

Also, I think this is a single module case right?

Hi WanyeWWW

Here the logfiles:
boot_log.txt (1.1 KB)
flash_log.txt (2.8 KB)

It is a single module case yes.
Kind regards

please RMA this device.

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