AGX xavier with jetpack 5.1.1: After entering uefi screen,the system is stuck on uefi screen and keyboard don't work

Hi,I press “Esc” to enter uefi screen. but atfer entering uefi screen,it seems like the keyboard couldn’t control the interface well. the keyboard don’t work well. I can not use “up” and “down” key to select boot option.

In the debugging serial port, It seems like the interface flash quickly . when i save the log as a file .it save a lot of uefi interface.

By the way, i want to enter uefi shell.

I also check the topic,but it is not suit for me.

Hi Bryan_Zhong,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Xavier Industrial?
Could you update to the latest JP5.1.2(R35.4.1) to verify?

Is you keyboard powered when you connect it to the board at this moment?
Have you tried select through serial console from your host?

I am using the devkit.

I have tried to update to the latest JP5.1.2(R35.4.1) by sdkmanager this morning. it is the same.

Yes, the keyboard is powred. I used the same keyboard to press “Esc” to enter uefi screen.

I have also tried select through serial console from your host . Actually, ths issue was found through serial console at the first time yesterday. today I connected keyboard to the devikit. But after I press “Esc” to enter uefi . the screen is struck on uefi screen. the keyboard is powered. but it don’t work.I can not see the screen flash quickly through screen , but through serial console , I can see the console interface flash quickly .

There is another thing I need to say.
Before yesterday. I always use serial console to select boot option and could enter uefi shell interface . I also pressed “Esc” quickly and frequently to enter uefi interface, then I can use up and down key to select. But there is strange situation. Everytime when I enter " uefi boot set up" interface , the interface also flashed quickly. but it will stop flash a few seconds later(maybe 5 to 10 seconds) . Then I can use keyboard to select boot option. then I can enter uefi shell.

But since yesterday. the serial console keep flash quickly after entering " uefi boot set up" interface , and it can not stop.

I don’t know if it is that I change something to influence the boot select in JP5.1.1. Because I always use JP5.1.1.
so I try to download JP5.1.2(R35.4.1) this morning. I am sure that it is totally new.
but after I reflashed the devkit. I cannot still use the keyboard to select the boot option.
It is really bothering me.

I am appreciate it that if you have any other suggestion.

I use another agxi to test the situation. after entering "boot set up " , It will flash quickly a few times,it will stop 3 seconds later . Then in the "boot set up " interface,I found that everytime when I press “Esc” key , the interface will reflash once. I press "up " and “down” ,the interface will also flash once,the high light will move.

So I guess that the system is stuck on the uefi boot interface is because I press “Esc” key a lot of times before it enter uefi interface . there is a buffer or something. after entering uefi interface, it receive “Esc” key continuously. even if i don’t press “Esc” key.

I can not figure it out.

It seems you could enter UEFI menu, and you could select the items with up and down button before.
So, does your issue come from pressing “ESC” too many times?

How about if you just press ESC once to enter UEFI menu?

No, just a few minutes ago, the hardware engineer reassembled the hardware in order to test other function. After he test done. I can enter UEFI menu and select the items with up and down button again.
He just done a simple operation: disassemble the agxi from the devkit board and then put it back.
I cannot explain the reason. But now it is ok.

No, I have tried. but when the problem exists. the devkit will fast boot in the “press Esc tip page”(less than 1 second) and enter normal boot . so if I don’t press “Esc” quickly and frequently, I even could not enter UEFI menu.

But when it is normal. I notice that it will stay at “pressing Esc tip page” for more than 4 seconds. At this time ,Even I just press “ESC” once, I can also enter UEFI menu.

Now I could even not make this issue happen again. But it is ok after disassembling the agxi from the devkit board and then put it back.

So maybe the hardware interfere the boot processing.

It’s really hard to explain this behavior.

And also this. Why you get different behavior at this stage?
It is controlled by the autoboot time, which you could also configure in UEFI menu.

It also confused me. I didn’t change the autoboot time. Even if I reflashed or updated the devkit, the problem still existed. But after the hardware engineer reassembled the hardware,Everything it is ok and I can’t make it happen again. So I will just let it go for now.

I will keep you informed if this problem happens again.
KevinFFF, thank you.

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