Apply collision and deformable body to character rig


What is the best way to use physics to resolve collisions between separate pieces of geometry on a character rig?

For example - armour swinging against a leg (rigid body against soft body) or a sack of flour over a shoulder (soft body against soft body).

To test, I have a standard biped/human character rig with mocap data and simple geometry for major body parts. It is a very abstract design, mostly cubes. I’d like to use physics to prevent the cubes from intersecting.

I have tried right-clicking on each piece of geometry and Add > Physics > Rigid Body with Collider but it hasn’t made a difference. The pieces still intersect when I press play.

I have also tried applying Add > Physics > Deformable Body too the pieces, but the geometry then strays too far from the rig.

Advice and guidance would be appreciated.


I haven’t tried but I think you can do that in Blender, by placing the physics modifier after the armature modifier. So rig happens first, then physics apply later.

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Thanks, although I was hoping to achieve this in Omniverse Create, that Blender workflow makes sense, I’ll give it a go.

Physics does not see the bones transformations out of the box, you would have to create separate rigidbody/collision hierarchy and add animation constraints to constraint the bones movement with the rigid bodies.

For next release we plan to improve the situation, but in current release one has to constraint the bones and the rigid bodies.

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Thanks for clarifying @AlesBorovicka, I should learn that workflow!