Assets go THROUGH each other in Orbit (Rigid body enabled)

Hello everyone! I am setting up an RL environment in Orbit, and there is a stubborn issue: I have a robot arm with a gripper, and an asset it should work with (grasp and everything). Both spawn from USD with a RigidBodyCfg enabled. But when the arm is trying to manipulate with the other asset, it goes through it. Both assets are instanceable USDs.
Can anyone help me understand what could be the problem?

I’m not using Orbit, I’m using OIGE, but was facing the same issue. You can try reducing the simulation step time (tick) so that the simulation is more realistic (but takes longer to run).

Also, make sure that the colliders are the way you imagine (to see the colliders, click in the little eye at the top of the Viewport>Show By Type>Physics>Colliders)

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Thank you for your suggestions! My step of 1/120, what values do you think could be more relevant?

That is up to experimentation. I’m using 1/180 or 1/240 for fast moving scenarios

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I figured out that my robot arm was SO strong that it kind of broke through the object it was manipulating it with. The object was fixed at one end, so grasping the object with super-strong gripper kind of messes with it in a “subatomic level” lol
Setting the arm max_efforts to “one” seemed to fixed it for me

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