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Hello, I’m looking to export out my armature in Blender to a USD where I can programmatically manipulate them using omniverse (python). Currently I just get this “Anim” object that doesn’t seem to have any child bones in it.

@WendyGram, any chance you could elevate this to an Engineer? I’ve had no luck figuring this out on my own unfortunately.

Hi @lelandplusplus. If you have Rigging / Armatures enabled in the USD export options, then you should get a corresponding skeleton with joints in the USD. Do you have this option enabled?

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Hey @makowalski, thanks so much for helping me out. I’ve done as you recommended and have a bit of a strange outcome.

In omniverse usd composer I’m able to get the bones out. Here’s what I had in blender:

Here’s what I had in composer:

Here’s what I have in code:

It seems like I’m only getting BlendShapes in Omniverse code but other things in usd Composer and blender.

It would be nice to get the skelibones at least so that I could manipulate the bones position and rotation.

Hi @lelandplusplus – I was able to replicate your issue with the current release versions of Composer and Code. I had a peek through Composer’s Extensions, and it looks like while Composer has omni.anim.skelJoint enabled by default Code does not. If you enable it on your machine, are you able to see the joints? On my machine, enabling it causes the joints to show up immediately:

Worked like a charm! Now I’m able to get the bones out when I traverse the prims. Thanks @cwardlaw!

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