Bash: cannot set terminal process group (-) Inappropriate ioctl for device

Hi, I have a Jetson Nano with onboard eMMC, I have an SD card with a Ubuntu 20.04 image on it and attempted to ensure the Jetson boots from the SD card and not from the onboard memory, I followed the instructions from However, when I restarted the system it threw the following outpost:

and after this terminal is completed I get an endless booting process.

When I remove the SD card and attempt to boot up, which should still work according to the tutorial. I get the following screen:
bash: cannot set terminal process group(-): Inappropriate ioctl for device
bash: no job control in this shell
bash4.4# _

I am still a beginner with the Jetson and have not worked very long with the system. I would appreciate any assistance or resources to help me solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

When you see that bash4.4 in your monitor, it means not able to find your rootfs (file system) on the pre-set location.

Just reflash your board with sdkmanager to recover it.

Also, jetson tx1 does not support to work with ubuntu 20.04.

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