Beware of thermal issues! What revision is your TX1 SOM?

I’ve been wondering about heat on my TX1 SOMs… in fact some of them have gotten pretty hot when the CPUs and GPUs are fully loaded. The dev boards I purchased in early 2016 came with Rev 4 SOMs, but we also received a large shipment from nVidia that same year, and they were all Rev 1.

I’m trying to locate one of my Rev 4 SOMs to figure out if there is a problem. I’ve been looking for an errata sheet from nVidia that describes the differences in SOM revisions, but I haven’t been able to find anything. I don’t even know what the most current SOM rev is.

If you have a TX1, could you check the revision and post it here on this thread? I’d like to find out which revisions are in circulation, and what the most current version is.

Just to be clear, I’m referring to the TX1 SOM revision, which can be found on the bottom of the SOM, in the part number. For example mine is “P/N 135-0657-000 R1”

Hi dmillard, there aren’t any known thermal issues with production TX1 modules - the early module revision you mentioned is from older devkits.

Modules taken from the developer kit shouldn’t be used for production, please use the OEM modules for these purposes.

@dusty_nv Thanks for the reply. Based on your info, I should be trusting the Rev 1 SOMs over the Rev 4 SOMs. Its a little confusing, but I’ll trust you. :) Can you tell me what the latest shipping SOM revision is?

Also, do you know of a good test method for exercising the thermals that I can use? Thanks.

Only the devkit shipped to general customers with rev 1 – the production OEM module is -400 (rev 4).

After investigating, I found your company had unique pre-production module access through your NVIDIA representative.

@dusty_nv - Thanks for clearing that up for me.