Black vertical bar along left border on LCD TV when using driver 355/358/361 on GeForce GTX 980


I have a strange issue. It seems that I’m the only one who has this kind of problem.

This is my setup:

Ubuntu 15.10 with MATE desktop
MSI GeForce GTX980 GAMING 4G (S/N: 602-V317-15SBxxxxxxxxxx) with latest VBIOS
I get the drivers from Ubuntu repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

I have two displays connected:

  1. Eizo FS2434 LCD monitor connected to DVI port
  2. The HDMI port is connected to a Pioneer VSX-LX51 A/V receiver. A Pioneer KRL-37V LCD TV is connected to A/V receiver.

Description of my problem:

On my Pioneer LCD TV I have a black bar along the left border of the screen when using one of the following driver versions: 355.11, 358.16, 361.16. I don’t have this problem with 352.63. This means 352.63 works perfectly without any issues. Output on Eizo monitor is always okay, no matter which version I use.

The black bar is between 50 and 60 pixels wide and reaches from top to bottom along the left screen border. The black bar covers the desktop. The desktop is neither squeezed nor stretched. The left part of the desktop is simply not visible because this black bar is above it.

Here’s a photo:

What I tried so far, without success:

  • disabled compitz
  • changed HDMI cables
  • tried a DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable
  • checkd TV settings
  • played a bit with different modelines
  • used xrandr to check if panning (–panning) is somehow active
  • used some other tool (don’t remember name) to check if some kind of “border” is active

The problem only exists when I use one of the following driver versions: 355.11, 358.16, and 361.16. I have no problem when I use 352.63.

With Windows 7 I have no issues. No black bar. I tried different drivers for Win 7: 355.98, 358.50, and 361.43. No problems.

What else can I do?

Many thanks!

nvidia-bug-report-broken.log.gz (218 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-working.log.gz (91.1 KB)