Blender - USD - Linux

Hi, I’m using omniverse on Linux, everything working fine since I’ve used blender for scenarios and models, I built it from source on the branch Universal scene description but there is nothing related to omniverse as described on docs, like omniPBRcompute node or omniverse panel and blender version is 3.2 i can’t find this release “3.1.0-usd.100.1.10” to build. Any help will be appreciated.


You can get the Linux USD Blender version from the Blender Foundation, here, from their Experimental Builds. In the future we are considering an Omniverse Linux build if there is enough demand.

I already have this version but there’s nothing related to Blender App. Where I find omniverse Panel or OmniPBRCompute Node? I think there is demand for an omniverse Linux build mostly for robotic development. Thanks


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