Boot abnormal

The device enter “Android Boot Menu” when boot up.

Have you refeflash the device after recieved it?

Please follow the steps at Getting Started with Jetson Nano Developer Kit.

we had reflash it, it is normal ,but it popped up with this problem. And then it always enther this menu. The attachment is the log.
nv-boot-abnormal.txt (100.0 KB)

Are you trying to mount some external disk?

we have a SSD plugged in carriar board, but we were not trying to mount it during boot, not implied in fstab, or any other services. but from the log, I just noticed some error reporting:

[0002.423] device_query_partition_size: failed to open partition sdmmc3_user:BMP !
[0002.431] BMP partition read failed!
[0002.434] blob_init: blob-partition BMP header read failed
[0002.440] load_bmp_blob: BMP blob initialization failed
[0002.445] Could not load/initialize BMP blob...ignoring
[0002.451] device_query_partition_size: failed to open partition sdmmc3_user:RP4 !
[0002.459] RP4 partition read failed!
[0002.462] blob_init: blob-partition RP4 header read failed
[0002.468] load_firmware_blob: Firmware blob initialization failed
[0002.501] start bootloader menu
[0002.504] display_console_clear: No display init
[0002.508] failed to load boot menu
[0002.512] Continue booting ...

I wondered if the EMMC unit went wrong after a long-term QA verification.

Then please just flash it with the BSP again.

HI WayneWWW:
we found another boot abnormal, the problem is differernt from the last log,
help to analyze it, thanks!
not_boot.log (26.1 KB)

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks


I have an alternative to the Jetson nano devkit from Waveshare and when I boot it up and plug in my display to HDMI, I see the same Android boot menu. This version of the devkit comes with an EMMC module so I am wondering how I would flash it. I can always use an SSD or a USB drive to set it up if that is needed, but I have been confused about this process.


Finally, I fixed it by following this tutorial: JETSON-NANO-DEV-KIT - Waveshare Wiki. What I would add is that when it asks you manual or automatic setup in the sdk manager, answer manual, but don’t do what it tells you to. Continue following the tutorial and do not change your configuration until the flash is done.

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