Boot fail:ERROR: Failed to turn isp power on

Our custom board with no eeporm design, when startup the board , boot fail.
the log below:
��ERROR: camera-ip/isp5/isp5.c:1977 [isp5_pm_init] “ERROR: Failed to turn isp power on”
BUG: core/init/init.c:85 [init_all] “*** FIRMWARE INIT FAILED AT LEVEL 95 ***”

we connect MGBE0 to our switch with fixed-link mode(no mdio connect, only mac).
so we can not change gbe-uphy-config-22 to gbe-uphy-config-0, is that right???
please help us, Thanks


You have to change the cvb_eeprom_read_size to <0x00> in the BCT-dtb file located in your L4T directory.

In case of Orin AGX:

This should fix the ISP error.

i have already modify this, the isp error still exist, and uefi can not bootup

hello whn,

are you using a developer kit? may I know which Jetpack release you’re working with?
also, may I also know which camera module it is. thanks

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