Bootloader downgrade

I have installed jetson 4.5 in Jetson nano 2GB, then I tried to install (rewrite sd card) Jetson 4.4.1, but seems like bootloader remains 32.5.
How is possible to downgrade it to 32.4.4?

Did you run a full flash? This should install all components from that release.

Yes, remove all partitions from SD card, format it and write jetpack image.

For a purely SD card image install, were you using JetPack/SDKM to write this, or were you using one of the pre-built images?

SD card image Jetpack 4.4.1 from JetPack SDK 4.4.1 archive | NVIDIA Developer

Sdcard image does not include bootloader partitions anymore after jetpack4.5.

If you want to downgrade, then better using sdkmanager.

Do you see any error from serial console when you use sdcard image only?