Bug of data_generator

following the dibr-tutorial notebook from github/NV/kaolin, the default render_clock sample is working well, but using the custoimzed output from omniverse kaolin is not able to converge, I check the metdata.json, looks like the clippingrange and the tf_mat unit is not the same with the default render_clock, so i change the extension code, to multiply the tf_mat[-1][2] with 100, and change the clippingrange[0] to 1.0, as following, it works.

def _get_camera_properties(self):
    width = self._settings.get("/app/renderer/resolution/width")
    height = self._settings.get("/app/renderer/resolution/height")
    tf_mat = np.array(UsdGeom.Xformable(self.camera).ComputeLocalToWorldTransform(0.0).GetInverse()).tolist()
    tf_mat[-1][2] *= 100
    clippingrange = self.camera.GetAttribute("clippingRange").Get()
    clippingrange[0] = 1
    cam_props = {
        "resolution": {"width": width, "height": height},
        "clipping_range": tuple(clippingrange),#tuple(self.camera.GetAttribute("clippingRange").Get()),
        "horizontal_aperture": self.camera.GetAttribute("horizontalAperture").Get(),
        "focal_length": self.camera.GetAttribute("focalLength").Get(),
        "tf_mat": tf_mat,#np.array(UsdGeom.Xformable(self.camera).ComputeLocalToWorldTransform(0.0).GetInverse()).tolist(),
    return cam_props

Hello @terryzhv83! Appreciate you reaching out to us! I informed the Kaolin team of your post.

HI @terryzhv83! The development team got back to me with a suggestion:

It is a scale issue. It might be possible that the user has turned off normalization. If that is off, that would be the reason why the spere template needs to be scaled as well (or conversely scale the transform and clipping range, as the user has done here).

Let me know if this information helps. The development team is going to run some tests to verify (with various inputs) to ensure it’s not a bug on the app-side.

Hi Wendy, thanks for the reply, I dont’ known what is the normalization, but I didn’t change setting on the omniverse kaolin. If what you mean is the Normals on the ui, i did turn it on, but nothing changed.