Cache: OFF when run from standalone Python

When starting Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 from the Omniverse launcher, Omniverse Cache works properly. However, if I switch to a standalone Python workflow, I get

2023-09-15 10:29:37 [3,863ms] [Warning] [] Unable to detect Omniverse Cache Server. Consider installing it for better IO performance.

amidst the various plugin startup log statements. And displayed in the upper right of the opened window, is Cache:OFF in red.

Happy to provide any logs and additional information on request.

@kylehkhsu just another user here. did you ever install OV Cache during installation or from Exchange afterwards?

Yes, and I do have Cache working (Cache: ON) if I launch Isaac Sim via omniverse-launcher.

ah, i see what you were asking. not sure about this one, i can’t seem to repro on Windows with a local nucleus cache. does this occur persistently?

Hi @kylehkhsu - The warning message you’re seeing indicates that Isaac Sim is unable to detect the Omniverse Cache Server when running in a standalone Python workflow. The Omniverse Cache Server is a service that improves I/O performance by caching assets locally.

Here are a few things you can try to resolve this issue:

  1. Check if the Omniverse Cache Server is running: You can do this by checking your system’s running processes. If the Cache Server isn’t running, you’ll need to start it.
  2. Check your network settings: The Omniverse Cache Server uses specific network ports to communicate with other services. Make sure that these ports are open and not being blocked by a firewall or other network settings.
  3. Reinstall the Omniverse Cache Server: If the Cache Server is installed but still not being detected, you might need to reinstall it. You can do this through the Omniverse Launcher.
  4. Check your Python environment: If you’re running Isaac Sim in a standalone Python workflow, make sure that your Python environment has access to the necessary Omniverse and Isaac Sim libraries. You might need to adjust your PYTHONPATH environment variable to include these libraries.
  5. Check the Cache Server configuration: The Cache Server has a configuration file that specifies its settings. Make sure that this file is correctly configured and that Isaac Sim is pointed to the correct Cache Server.