Omniverse Cache "asyncio ERROR"

I have been attempting to setup the Omniverse Cache, but receive an error every time it starts up. Restarting the service doesn’t help. From what I can tell reading the logs, it has to do with a script called

“asyncio ERROR Exception in callback build_server..on_startup..done(>) at
handle: <Handle build_server..on_startup..done(>) at>”

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I have attached my log showing me attempting to start the cache and it closing in error.

Cache.log (7.5 KB)

Hi @david.pepley - thanks for your patience and reporting this issue. We are looking into this now and will reply as soon as we have some guidance.


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@david.pepley Hello! We are sorry to hear about your issues. Did you have a previous version of Cache installed or is this a first installation? I will bring your error message to the attention of the devs and get back to you. In the meantime, please try uninstalling the Launcher and re-installing, then try installing Cache again. Thanks!

Hello. I am running the linux version of the Omniverse Launcher. I downloaded a fresh version of the app image and reinstalled cache, but am unfortunately getting the same error.

@david.pepley - Would like to try out a test. Can you do the following? has to do with port number usage:

  1. Get a netstat -a from your system and post results prior to doing below
  2. Do the following to change some default Omniverse port numbers. See pic below
  3. collect cache log after above