Can I only install CUDA and OpenCV by SDKManager?

Since Xavier NX 's emmc only 16GB , there are only 1.8GB left after install all sdk , and I can’t install tensorflow anymore .

When I use SDKManager, I can only choose install all or none. But I only need CUDA and OpenCV, I don’t need other module.

Is there any option to select modules to install in SDKManager?

Hi clarliao,

No, the SDK Manager need install all components.
If no space issue, suggest you can try boot from external devices. (ex: NVMe, USB pendrive…)
Reference wiki:

Just a thought on this…booting from alternate media can be more difficult than adding storage at some mount point. Most of the content you are looking at will be within “/usr/local”, and if you have some other storage media mounted on “/usr/local”, then the root partition would not fill up for content stored there.