Can the AGX orin PCIE C5 X8 controller be connected to X1 devices on the board?

The hardware framework is as follows:
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After the module is up, the pcie device cannot be found, only the pcie bridge is found, as follows:

The kernel information is as follows:

Is this what is the reason?

The hardware framework is as follows:


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x1 is supported. Jetson AGX Orin , JP5.1.2 and PCIE RP(C5)

The circuit diagram is connected as follows. Is this connection correct?

It’s ok. Please note: AC Capacitors required on SoC RX lines (Device TX lines) on carrier board if connected directly to device. They are not placed on the carrier board if connected to a PCIe or M.2 connector. In those cases, the AC caps are on the adapter board plugged into those connectors.