Cannot establish connection to the nucleus server!

@emendizabal The nucleus is installed inside docker using on remote station.

Then when i try to connect to the nucleus server using, it shows

Then i go to localhost:3080 and find the nucleus service is in stop status, so I start it. Afterwards, I log in localhost:8080 using user admin and the Isaac content are missing as following

and ogs/Nucleus/ shows:
2022-03-01 09:47:26 [294,708ms] [Error] [omni.core] [211] ListRequest.cpp:list():439: Request internal error

@newuhe Please see Known Issue: Error checking Isaac Sim Assets

I followed the instruction and wanted to mount the Isaac folder, however it throws the problem

Do you see an existing Isaac folder? Try unmount it or delete it while logging in as an admin.

@Sheikh_Dawood Thans for replying. The problem is Isaac folder is not shown in nucleus page. However, it can be seen in isaac sim page but it cannot be deleted.

I believe a clean install of Nucleus should help. When the Omniverse Launcher outage is resolved, try this.

  1. Uninstall Nucleus
  2. Delete the folders below:
    • ~/.local/share/ov/Auth
    • ~/.local/share/ov/server
    • ~/.local/share/ov/tagging_service
  3. Re-install Nucleus

@Sheikh_Dawood I’m using docker and it is restarted many times, the nucleus server in docker is also reinstalled many times. However, the Isaac folder is still missing and the log shows
2022-03-03 03:26:55 [248,991ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.widget.filebrowser.model] Error p opulating 'omniverse://localhost/Isaac': Error listing directory 'omniverse://localhost/Isaac': Result.ERROR_NOT_FOUND

I have the same problem
Cleanup tool - #8 by Sheikh_Dawood
I could not solve my problem yet.

@newuhe @leila.orouji Please see this post for a fix:

Thank you @Sheikh_Dawood , I cleaned omniverse and I am waiting to resolve omniverse outage.

Thanks for replying. I reinstalled nucleus using ominverse launcher rather than in docker, and mount Isaac folder following your instruction. The connection problem is solved.


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