Cannot find omni.isaac.wheeled_robots documentation

In the “Reinforcement Learning using Stable Baselines” tutorial we have these lines of code giving command to the jetbot_controller, which is an instance of DifferentialController from omni.isaac.wheeled_robots.controllers.differential_controller.

for i in range(self._skip_frame):
self.jetbot_controller.forward(command=[forward_velocity, angular_velocity])
Moreover, in the beginning of the code we have used:
from omni.isaac.wheeled_robots.robots import WheeledRobot
from omni.isaac.wheeled_robots.controllers.differential_controller import DifferentialController

The problem is that the documentation for omni.isaac.wheeled_robots here seems to be incomplete, since it only includes the omnigraph nodes and e.g. doesn’t include the robots or controllers subsections. Where can I find the full wheeled_robots documentation?