Wheeled_robot library

Hey guys,

I tried to use your wheeledRobot library for mobile robots and found an issue there.

so in Class DifferentialController of omni.isaac.wheeled_robots.controllers.differential_controller lib

at line number 99:
wheel_dof_velocities = [full_dofs_velocities[i] for i in self._wheel_dof_indicies]

and line number 76:
wheel_joint_positions = [full_dofs_positions[i] for i in self._wheeled_dof_indices]

i guess variable, which is used as an iterator should have name self._wheel_dof_indices as in the class member variable.

after replacing self._wheel_dof_indicies and self._wheeled_dof_indices by self._wheel_dof_indices methods get_wheel_positions() and get_wheel_velocities() are working well :)

I though this is an issue of the version i’m using (2022.1.0) but in the latest one 2022.2.0 its still there