How to attach ROS_DifferentialBase?

Hi, I attached ROS_DifferentialBase on my omniwheel mobile robot, here is my setup and it doesn’t work when I publish to /cmd_vel. What should I do?

Here are the terminals of

  1. roscore 2) rostopic pub /cmd_vel …
  2. rostopic echo /joint_states 4) rostopic echo /odom

Hi Hoanggia,

Please see if this forum post helps you: ROS_DifferentialBase - Errors


I read that post and my chassisPrim is an Articulation Root. However I found the differences between my model and Carter_ROS, it seems like my wheel joints are Position Drive, and Carter_ROS wheel joints are Velocity Drive. How can I change that after import URDF?

More information here:

  • set the drive damping to a non zero value for velocity control
  • set the drive stiffness to zero

Thanks, so basically there are no Velocity Drive or Position Drive in the Property. By tuning the drive damping and the drive stiffness one can modify his own drive.

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