Cannot remove prim after getting handle from dynamic control interface


Segmentation fault happens when I try to remove a prim after getting its handle with dynamic control.
psuedocode is as follows:

prim = stage.DefinePrim(prim_path)
handle = dc.get_object(prim_path)
stage.RemovePrim(prim_path) → this results in segmentation fault

Can anyone tell me how to remove a prim after getting its handle with dynamic control??

Thanks in advance,

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Are you still using that handle while RemovePrim? Could you trace where that handle is being used in your code and see if not using it still creates a segfault? Does the dynamic control complains in the log? Thanks.

Hey, I have got the same issue, when I try to deactivate = delete a USD prim after I have requested its pose via the dynamic control interface. When I try to deactivate the prim via prim.SetActive(false) it throws the segmentation fault. I do not get a more meaningful error message than that. I guess this is highly related to the former issue. @HaiLocLu @twjhlee

Can you please provide a a minimal python script that reproduces the issue?