Carter robot caster Wheel not moving

Hello All,
I am playing around with the “Carter” robot. The caster wheels do not move. Why is that ?
Is there some joint property that needs to be set ?

Hi @quark01

Could you please extend your question?

Hello Toni,
I am uploading two screen shots one with Gazebo and one with Isaac Sim.
Note the physics of the caster wheel in Gazebo. I was expecting the same in Isaac sim.
They are the same URDF.

Hi @quark01

Importing a robot via the Isaac Utils > Workflows > URDF Importer extension will configure drivers for all prismatic and revolute joints (unless None is selected in the Joint Drive Type field).

Normally, caster wheels use drive-less joints.
Then, go to the caster’s joints and delete the Drive property


Also, you can check the Isaac Sim Carter URDF Example and inspect the caster wheel configuration

Thank you. That worked.