Changing the temperature trigger points on Xavier NX

Hi there,

  1. First of all thanks a lot for such great products, well done. I have the new Xavier NX and I am trying to figure out how to change the fan temperature trigger points. I run on 4 cores and the temp averages around 40 deg. I am happy to keep the fan off while under 50 deg.

  2. Now that I’m here one more question. I my system runs at on average at 40% cpu (4 cores). What will benefit the lifetime of the unit more running with 6 cores or 2 cores (I assume higher cpu% with less cores).


hello joshua.raphael,

  1. please check Fan Mode Control session, NX by default has configure the fan operation as “quiet",
    you may switch default fan mode by modify the FAN_CONFIG DEFAULT=<> property in nvpmodel.conf;
  2. in addition, you may also refer to Thermal Zone to customize the thermal response of the zone.