Checkbox "Override Filter Width" (photoshop plugin)

This checkbox is set every time, and does not remember my choice if I turned it off earlier. But more importantly, when recording a macro through Photoshop, it does not set a command to uncheck it, and records always including it.
Thanks in advance if you come out to fix this.

and a small detail that I accidentally stumbled upon and turned out to be a sad situation … When opening a file in Photoshop, the “close / cancel” button does not work.

Hi @Code57s! Thank you for reporting these; these are both bugs, and I’ll have a fix for them in the next version!

The root cause for the mip filter override bug is that the code in 2023.1.0 and 2023.2.0 to turn plugin settings into a command line doesn’t check whether the “Override Filter Width” box is checked before writing --mip-filter-width. There’s two workarounds for it:

  1. Manually setting the override filter width to the default value for the filter: For Box, the default filter width is 0.5; for Triangle, it’s 1.0; and for Kaiser, it’s 3.0.
  2. Editing the Photoshop action: There’s two ways to do this:
    a. One could save a group of Photoshop actions to an .atn file, use xtools, to convert it to XML, edit the XML to remove --mip-filter-width, then use xtools to convert the XML file into an .atn file and load it back into Photoshop.
    b. Alternatively, you can skip xtools: if you open an .atn file in a text editor such as Notepad++, you can search for the --mip-filter-width setting encoded as text:

If you replace each non-NUL character here with a space and then load the .atn file back into Photoshop, it’ll remove the setting:


This workaround also works if you’re using Texture Tools Exporter preset files: you can open a .dpf file in a text editor, delete --mip-filter-width-2, and it’ll work!

The issue with the “NVIDIA DDS Read Properties” window is because I forgot to connect the Close button to code that closes the window and halts the read application. Good work catching this!

Thanks again!


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Hi @Code57s ! We just released NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter 2023.3.0, which fixes these two bugs - the plugin no longer writes--mip-filter-width if the Override Filter Width box is checked, and the “NVIDIA DDS Read Properties” window can now be closed.

Thanks again for reporting these issues!


Thanks, great job :)