Photoshop Exporter Bugs

Here are a couple bugs I’ve noticed while using the NVidia Texture Tools Exporter. If this is not the correct place to post such things, please let me know where to do so.

  1. After choosing a filename to save a document, when choosing to save over an existing file, if the user presses cancel on the save options dialog (where mip generation can be toggled, etc), the original file they were about to overwrite will be internally deleted and the file size becomes 0. This is not a big deal for me, but it can easily lead to confusion and data loss. I would suggest either fixing this to not modify the file data until fully confirmed, or removing the cancel button entirely so the user knows what’s happening.

  2. The option to save a texture as a cube map is automatically disabled when certain mip settings are active. If the user changes the number of mips to a value that breaks the cube map output algorithm, the cube option becomes disabled. This is fine, and makes sense. But if the user completely disables mip generation+extraction, the (now hidden) mip settings still influence the cube map option availability. So the user is required, for example, to re-enable the mip generation toggle, drag the slider to 1, then disable mips again. The plugin should read the mip slider as 1 when mips are disabled.

  3. Often, when saving files, Photoshop will automatically unfocus itself and hide in the background after confirming. This only seems to happen with the NVidia Texture Tools exporter (no other Photoshop plugins, as far as I can tell). This is a minor inconvenience, and the user can just click it on the task bar to bring it back, but it seems like unintended behavior.

Since I’m complaining a lot, I just wanted to mention again how much I love this tool. Thank you!