Compatible Bluetooth Joysticks / Controllers


I’m looking for a compatible bluetooth joystick for Nvidia Orin Nano. It appears that xbox controllers don’t work, and neither does my stadia controller. Has anyone had success with PS4/PS5 controllers, or other bluetooth controllers?

Thank you

You can find some reference from Search results for ‘joystick #jetson-embedded-systems:jetson-projects’ - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Appreciate the feedback @kayccc , but either the options listed are not bluetooth (such as F710), or do not specify what is being used. This remains unsolved.

It appears that these controllers ARE supported through Bluetooth LE, there has just been a longstanding bug affecting BLE that has prevented these controllers (and numerous other devices) from working on Orin with Jetpack 5. Solution in this thread - Internal Error from Kernel When Connecting a Bluetooth Device

Marking resolved.

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