Convert the digital to the URDF file

how to convert digital module to URDF files?
or how to convert detailly as below :
rosrun xacro model.xacro > model.urdf

Have you reviewed this document? : URDF Importer — Omniverse Robotics documentation

URDF Importer — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Thanks a lot! I know this document ,

but I’m not consulting how to import or how to use the importer extension ,

my question is that how to convert digital module to URDF files, cause of no UFDF files and then how to convert other type of files to URDF files

thanks and best regards


Hi @leo.zhang2

I’m not sure what you mean with digital module. If you have the CAD files of your robot and you want to import them into Isaac sim, you don’t necessarily need to create a URDF file. In the past Isaac weekly meeting @rgasoto showed how to import a robot directly using Onshape, you can find the recording here.

If you want to anyways create a URDF and you don’t know how, this video is a good introduction. I suggest you to check how other robots, such as the franka emika, created this file to give you a general idea on how to structure it.

rosrun xacro model.xacro > model.urdf is only neccesary when you have a XACRO file and you need to convert it into URDF because Isaac doesn’t support XACRO files directly. XACRO is a way to structure better a URDF by creating variables and macros to share across the robot, I would not mind about it in the begining.

Hope it helps!