Create 2022.3.3 - Compatibility to export glTF


I want to ask which material surface and lights are compatible to export glTF files? I tried to export the gnome model from Poly Heaven that I assembled as USD in Houdini Solaris with multiple shading versions (MaterialX, MDL Omni PBR and MDL Omni Surface) and after open each one in USD Composer and export the gltf files with all options enabled, looks like the material is not exported into the geometry:

original glTF reference:


Did you check the filepaths in the materials exported to see if a) they are empty (stripped) b) they are not pathed correctly to your texture files ?

Hi @Richard3D !

Lookslike the one that are exported with the Omni Surface doesn’t have the textures attached:

gnome_usd_mdl_omnisurface.gltf (5.1 MB)

And the one that has the Omni PBR Surface has the textures but I don’t know if it has a path problem as you mentioned:

gnome_usd_mdl_omnipbr.gltf (25.9 MB)

I can send you later today the usd files exported from houdini with the textures in case you want to take a look to them in USD Composer.


Yes thanks, that would be very helpful. Please send us the USD with textures so that we can try ourselves.

Can I ask you about your workflow as well. You are authoring in Houdini Solaris, and then bringing them into Create, and you are now trying to get them back out to where ? In that workflow, what is the reason you are flowing through Create as opposed to going directly out to your final destination? More scene contruction or work on the model ? Is this for final rendering somewhere else, or is this just for putting on the web as a live model ?