Exporting glTF or GLB leads to invalid files

Seems that glTF files exported by Omniverse are invalid / corrupt in some cases (when textures can’t be found? Not sure).

To reproduce:

  • open Attic scene
  • export glb
  • keep all options checked
  • try to open the resulting (~112 MB) file in e.g. gltf.report or the glTF validator - has hundreds of errors, invalid buffers, …

Also weird: when exporting .gltf and unchecking “embed textures”, zero textures are exported, and the file still ends up being the same size.

Looks like while CREATE loads the Attic textures just fine the exporter can’t find them.

More tests:

  • EuclidVR_Stage also ends up as invalid / broken file with missing buffers
  • Astronaut has some validation errors about missing texture coordinates, but file itself works
  • Marbles also ends up broken with many validation errors, but loads in some viewers without textures

That is super weird - I see that too.

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Actually - I thought I was seeing it but then maybe not?
Will continue investigating: