Omniverse GLB to USD converter errors (with avatar)

Just wanted to confirm the Omniverse GLB to USD converter is still broken in several ways. For example, it fails to correctly import avatars.

  • The blend shapes are lost
  • Some textures get messed up

Sample GLB file: ready-player-me-with-blendshapes.glb - Google Drive


Blender (and all other apps I have tried)

Note for textures that the hair and arms skin is wrong, but the short top is correct.

(See also previous related thread GLTF/GLB character imports puts skeleton not at root - #14 by alan.james.kent)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Right click on GLB file inside USD Composer and select “Convert to USD”
  • Open USD file

Just wondering if any news - is this likely to be fixed?

@alan.james.kent We’ll track this internally. Thanks for your feedback and patience.

Thanks. I tried the latest release, but materials on my GLB files no longer come through (maybe a change in 105?), so it seems to have actually gone backwards for my GLB files. So I am starting a background project to convert GLB to USD for character models in JavaScript (then I can use three.js to parse the GLB file for me). It’s going to take a while, but it feels a messy enough area that I want to control it better because its so core to what I am doing. If I get something going I will share it as a open source project.