Cross Compiling Sekonix ROS Package for AGX

Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
Software Version: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04
SDK Manager Version:

My plan is to run ROS on the DRIVE AGX Xavier. I have cross compiled ROS on the host machine following the instructions from (ROS - How to cross compile ROS for DRIVE AGX Developer Kit with DRIVE Software 10.0). I would now like to compile the Sekonix ROS driver ( I added this to the src folder and upon compiling, I get the error "Could NOT find CUDA (missing: CUDA_INCLUDE_DIRS CUDA_CUDART_LIBRARY) (found version “10.2”).

I used the Toolchain-V5L.cmake in the link above. How can I modify the settings so that it finds CUDA? I will also be creating my own packages to utilize OpenCV CUDA functions and this information would be very helpful.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Gibin Joe

Please check this topic. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply. I have seen that topic but my understanding is that it deals with compiling directly on the Xavier. I would like to cross compile it on the host desktop as I do not have access to the hardware all the time.