CUDA emulation on laptop with ATI card, dependency error Dependency error when running emulation

Hi All

I’m trying to try out my CUDA code on my laptop, which has an ATI card installed. Since I can’t run CUDA on the GPU, I linked the ‘cuda.dll’ and the ‘cudartemu.lib’ file to my project (Running through Matlab, but same thing).

When I execute I get a dependency error, and dependencywalker shows I’m missing the nvcuda.dll file.

Since I can’t install the development driver, is there any way I can get that file? If I specify the emulation preprocessor flag, I get told that it will be removed later on, and I read that I should use the emulation library. Or should I use both??

Help appreciated. Couldn’t find anything on the forum, but a link to a post would also be really appreciated.

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I was able to solve the issue by installing the driver on another PC and copying the dll. And now it works fine.

Is this the only way of getting the dll?