Custom Camera Driver with SIPL


If I want to develop or customize a camera driver for the Drive AGX, I found two paths:

  1. ext_dev_prgm
  2. SIPL

In the forums I found information for both of them:

I want to ask what it is required for me to develop the custom libnvsipl_drv_*.so to be used with the SIPL?


Hi abraham.arias ,
Could you share your camera module details?


  1. I want to know what is required to implement changes in the Sekonix AR0231 driver. Specifically to disable HDR in the default configuration and to enable the Linear mode.

  2. Besides, I want to know if it is possible for me to implement a new driver for a sensor such as the AR0233 or the IMX390 on top of the SIPL.

Hi Abraham.arias,

With DRIVE Software 10, Customization of imager drivers requires additional engagement and support from NVIDIA, I suggest to reach out to your NVIDIA account representative to discuss your use case further.

We maintain a list of supported sensors that you can refer to here.

Hi @LukeNV,

Can I use any of the two interfaces (ext_dev_prgm or SIPL) to develop a new camera driver?
Specifically an Entron camera module F003A030RM0A On Semi - AR0233 Max9295A

Can NVIDIA provide more information or should I only ask Entron?


Hi abraham.arias,

Not with DRIVE Software 10. I’d suggest reaching out to your NVIDIA Rep as they might be able to help you further.