Custom Carrier USB 2.0

I have a custom carrier board that currently uses a jetson nano module. Most peripherals that have been tested are functioning well though there are two nagging problems with the micro USB port;

  1. When plugged into a host, the board is not recognized in the host’s USB device list.
  2. The board will usually not boot when power is applied through the micro USB port.

The circuit is shown below. I have not routed USB_VBUS_DET to SOM pin 87. I read elsewhere on this forum that it was not necessary to use this pin, and that a more convenient GPIO could be used. I am worried that this information may be incorrect and that SOM Pin 87 is critical for a proper boot.

Has anyone else encountered this or a similar problem?
Thank you for any suggestions.

Please refer to nano Design Guide, that GPIO00 (pin 87) is for VBUS Detect. There is no other recommended pin for VBUS detection.

This was from a post in December of 2019…
Hi tfuru2,

The USB function in recovery is fixed to the device only and does not refer to ID pin and VBUS_DET pin.
Put USB0_VBUS_DET grounded will not affect the function in recovery. You can leave it unconnected or grounded.

So not using GPIO00 for USB_VBUS_DET will not affect recovery, but will prevent the board from being recognized by a host?


Update: The module was not recognized by the host because I had not booted with the Recovery button pressed (i.e. entering recovery mode)

In recovery mode, USB0 is device default no matter what VBUS detection pin status is.
So you have solved this by entering recovery mode correctly?

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